KX06S Yin Kitchen Knife

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The KX06S Yin Kitchen Knife was an experimental kitchen knife design that features a VG-10 blade.

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KX06S Yin Kitchen Knife

Yin and Yang are opposite and complementary forces. Spyderco style, that transforms into two kitchen knives with contrasting features. Used in conjunction they cover an array of food preparation needs. The Yin knife has a black ebony wood handle and Spyderco's multi-level serration pattern called the SpyderEdge. Multi-level serrations offer two levels of teeth. The first level create penetration points (or tips) that initiate the cut and protect the tips behind them. The second set of tips continue resistance free cutting and protect the sharpened recessed curves behind them. What is means is the blade stays sharper much longer even when used for cutting on a cutting board or repeatedly cutting fibrous, tough and frozen food items. The wooden handle is double riveted for solid/tight handle-to-blade connection and it generously tapers wide at the back so there is more handle surface to grip. The blade is high-carbon VG-10, flat-ground from heel to tip and feature a -+ length tang. Hand washing is recommended.[1]


The KX06S is originally made in Seki City, Japan, and features:

SKU Handle Edge Steel From/To MSRP Note Number made Grind Collectors club
KX06S Black Ebony Wood SE VG-10 2006 - 2008 $74.95 (2008) Part of Spyderco's experimental kitchen knife designs Full Flat

Most collectible variation

The original KX06S Yin Kitchen Knife, complete with original box and papers in mint condition is likely to be the most collectible version.

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Technical information

Measurements (mm and grams) of the KX06S Yin Kitchen Knife:

Variation Length overall Length blade Length edge Blade thickness Weight
KX06S 280mm 152mm 151mm 1.8mm 90g

Measurements (inches and ounces) of the KX06S Yin Kitchen Knife:

Variation Length overall Length blade Length edge Blade thickness Weight
KX06S 11.063" 6" 5.938" 0.078" 3.125oz


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The KX06S Yin Kitchen Knife