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SKU is short for Stock Keeping Unit. The SKU is an identifier for products - knives in this case. Spyderco's SKUs can be divided into the following:

Spyderco C-SKUs

All SKUs used by Spyderco that begin with a "C" are reserved for folding knives (maybe derived from ClipIt)

Spyderco B-SKUs

The SKUs starting with a "B" indicate the knife to be a Balisong knife. Only three knives have been assigned with a "B"-SKU this far:

Spyderco FB-SKUs

SKUs starting with "FB" designate the knives of Spyderco's fixed blade line.

Spyderco J-SKUs

The SKUs starting with "J" are reserved for the Jester models. The following models are known:

  • JBK Jester
  • JBL Jester
  • JBMP Jester Micarta
  • JFG Jester
  • JGR Jester
  • JPR Jester
  • JRD Jester
  • JSS Jester
  • JGGY Jester G-10

The Jester models are desribed in the J Jester article.

Spyderco K-SKUs

SKUs with a "K" at the beginning are reserved for Spyderco's kitchen knives:

Spyderco L-SKUs

The SKUs that start with an "L" belong to the Ladybug models. The following models are known:

  • LBK Ladybug
  • LBL Ladybug
  • LCF Ladybug
  • LFG Ladybug
  • LGR Ladybug
  • LGY Ladybug
  • LPN Ladybug
  • LRD Ladybug
  • LYL Ladybug
  • LBKII Ladybug II
  • LBK3 Ladybug III
  • LORP3 Ladybug III
  • LPRP3 Ladybug III
  • LSS3 Ladybug III
  • LWHS3 Ladybug III
  • LYL3 Ladybug III
  • LFG3 Ladybug III
  • LORP3H1 Ladybug III H-1
  • LTNP3H1 Ladybug III H-1
  • LGRE3 Ladybug III ZDP-189
  • LGGYP3E Ladybug III Aogami Super Blue

The Ladybug models are described in the L Ladybug article.

Spyderco M-SKUs

The SKUs that start with an "M" belong to the Manbug models. The following models are known:

  • MBK Manbug
  • MGGY Manbug G-10
  • MGRE Manbug ZDP-189
  • MGY Manbug Aogami Super Blue

The Manbug models are described in the M Manbug article.

Spyderco MT-SKUs

The SKUs that start with "MT" belong to the Mule Team Knives. Until today the following models are known:

  • MT01 (MT2ND)
  • MT02 (MT2ND)
  • MT03 (MT3ND)
  • MT04
  • MT05
  • MT06
  • MT07
  • MT08
  • MT09
  • MT10
  • MT11
  • MT12
  • MT13
  • MT14
  • MT15
  • MT16 (MTXHP)
  • MT17
  • MT18
  • MT19
  • MT20
  • MT21
  • MT22
  • MT23
  • MT24
  • MT25
  • MT26

The Mule Team models are described in the MT Mule Team article.

Spyderco T-SKUs

Until today only three models hold an SKU starting with a "T". These are:

SKUs that fall out of this System

Spyderco also used some other SKUs that fall out of this System because they either consisted completely of numbers, they are completely different to all other SKUs or an alphabetical character was used for a model that was never used again for another one. These models are:

In addition all Spyderco sharpening tools

Acronyms used in Spyderco's SKUs

The acronyms below can be found in the catalogs, on knife boxes, etc. In addition to the letters they are used to describe the knife regarding edge configuration, colour of the handle and materials used.

Edge configurations

CE Combo Edge or Combination Edge, not to be found in SKUs but used by fans/on forums
P Plain Edge, used in SKUs
PE Plain Edge, not to be found in SKUs but used by fans/on forums
PS Partially Serrated (i.e. Combo Edge)
S Serrated Edge (Spyder Edge)
SE Serrated Edge (Spyder Edge), not to be found in SKUs but used by fans/on forums


BBK All black, i.e. black blade and black FRN handle
BB Black Blade, almost always all black usually in combination w/ G-10
BK Black
BL Blue
BRG Burgundy
BRGM Burgundy Micarta
CB Cranberry
FG Foliage Green / Forest Green
GR Green
GY Gray
OD Olive Drab
OR Orange
PNK Pink
RB Rainbow Coloured
RD Red
SL Silver
TN Tan
TR Actually no colour, means „Trainer“, blunt blade, always red handled
WH White
YL Yellow


A Aluminium
AC Apple Coral
ATU Tufram coated Aluminium
AW Abalone and Black&White Pearl
BM Black Micarta
BP Black pearl
BQ Black Quince
CB Cocobolo
CF Carbon Fiber
ET Etched
EV Evrina
FRCP Fiberglass Reinforced Co-Polymer
FRN Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon
G G-10
GB Giraffe Bone
GF Nishijin Glass Fiber
GP Gold Pearl
JB Jigged bone
MOPA Mother Of Pearl and Abalone
MP Mother Of Pearl
PA Pearl and Abalone
PB Pacific Blue Bone
RB Red Bone
SQ Sqash Bone
SW Stacked Wood
TC Tiger Coral
TI Titanium
TQ Turquoise
WD Wood