K17 Itamae Nakiri

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The K17 Itamae Nakiri is part of Spyderco's Murray Carter Collection of kitchen knives.

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K17 Itamae Nakiri

Meaning "vegetable cutter," the Nakiri's unique rectangular shape and slightly upturned edge make it the perfect tool for precisely push-cutting all kinds of vegetables. The knife's blade shape also allows its length to remain consistent after years of sharpening.

Literally meaning "in front of the cutting board," Itamae is an extremely prestigious title reserved for highly skilled sushi chefs. Consistent with that elite status, the Murray Carter Collection's Itamae Series -- the highest tier in the Collection -- proudly features premium materials and uncompromising craftsmanship.

The blades of Itamae Series knives are expertly crafted from laminated steel consisting of an Aogami Super Blue core clad between layers of SUS410 stainless steel. The classic three-layer construction allows the outer layers to protect and support the ultra-hard carbon-steel center layer that forms the blade's edge. Ground exceptionally thin and straight for unparalleled cutting performance, the blades also feature Murray Carter's signature "Carter Elbow" -- a distinctive taper from the spine to the point that reinforces the blade's tip.

The elite blades of the Itamae Series are paired with traditional "wa-style"(octagonal) handles made from stunning burl G-10 and highlighted with black G-10 ferrules. Created for those who demand the very best, the Itamae series faithfully captures the spirit of Murray Carter's coveted handmade kitchen knives and sets a new standard in high-performance kitchen cutlery.[1]


The K17 is originally made in Seki City, Japan, and:

  • features a modified Sheepsfoot Blade shape
  • features a polished G-10 handle
  • as one of few exceptions in Spyderco's line-up, it does not feature Spyderco's trademark round hole
SKU Handle Edge Steel From/To MSRP Note Number made Grind Collectors club
K17GBNBK Black, White and Brown G-10 PE Super Blue/SUS410 2020 - $380.00 (2021) Part of Spyderco's Murray Carter Collection N/A Full Flat

Most collectible variation

The original K17 Itamae Nakiri, complete with original box and papers in mint condition is likely to be the most collectible version.

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Technical information

Measurements (mm and grams) of the K17 Itamae Nakiri:

Variation Length overall Length blade Length edge Blade thickness Weight
K17GBNBK 309mm 185mm 169mm 1.9mm 187g

Measurements (inches and ounces) of the K17 Itamae Nakiri:

Variation Length overall Length blade Length edge Blade thickness Weight
K17GBNBK 10.93" 7.28" 6.65" 0.074" 6.6oz


  1. The K17 Itamae Nakiri in Spyderco's online catalog


The K17 Itamae Nakiri, designed by Murray Carter