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Spyderco has released several display cases as well as display wedges/stands.

Appearance in catalogs

Spyderco display cases have appeared in the following catalogs:

  • 2001 Spyderco Product Guide (CT01, CT02, CT03) "note: CT01 is the 1st generation "Display Tower"
  • 2002 Spyderco Product Guide (POP, CT01, CT02, CT03) "note: CT01 is the 1st generation "Display Tower"
  • 2003 Spyderco Dealer Catalog (POP, CT01, CT02, CT03) "note: CT01 is the 1st generation "Display Tower"
  • 2004-2005 Spyderco Dealer Catalog (CT01, CT02, CT03) "note: CT01 is the 1st generation "Display Tower"
  • 2006 Spyderco Product Guide (CT02, CT03) note: CT01 (Display Tower) is listed in the 2006 Price List, but not featured in the Product Guide
  • 2007-2009 Spyderco Product Guide (CT01, CT02, CT03) note: the CT01 featured in this guide is the 2nd generation "Display Case"
  • 2010-2014 Spyderco Product Guide (CT02, CT03)
  • 2015-2022 Spyderco Product Guide (CT02, CT03, D01, D02, D03)

History, mentionings from the forums etc.

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Information from the Spyderco catalog on the web

Spyderco Display Tower CT01

"Displaying out products in their best light increases your sales, no doubt about it! The Spyderco tower display case parades eight knives in their open position and room for a 204 Sharpmaker in the bottom. Made of clear acrylic, it gives your customer a 360° view of what's inside. The Tower locks by means of an arm-lever locking bar (keys included) allowing you to leave your stock on a countertop without the fear of it "sprouting legs and walking away". An 8 1/2 by 11 inch acrylic page frame snaps to the top for signage.

Spyderco Display CT01

"Spyderco's locking acrylic display tower allows you to present your knives in their best light. It holds six knives in their open position. It also proudly displays the Spyderco Logo.” The CT01 in Spyderco's online catalog

Spyderco Knife Stands CT02 (small) and CT03 (large)

"Acrylic diamond shape wedges are a simple eye-catching way to display your knives. They sit flat on a countertop or in a display shelf holding one opened knife at a 45° angle.

Multifaceted and molded from sparkling clear Lucite that catch and reflect light, they are engraved with a Spyderco logo bug on the bottom. Available in CT02 Large 3-1/2" or CT03 Small 2-1/2" and come packaged in boxes of 24." The CT02 (small) and CT03 (large) in Spyderco's online catalog.

Spyderco Acrylic Display Case

"Whether you are a Spyderco dealer or a dedicated collector, our new custom-designed display case is the ultimate solution for showcasing your Spyderco knives. The lockable display case is crafted from durable high-impact acrylic and accommodates up to 13 Spyderco knives. Its base features a ball-bearing pivot that allows it to rotate 360 degrees, providing a clear view of the knives from all angles. Ideal for countertop use, it comes complete with 10 each small and large knife cradles, allowing you to easily configure it to fit any combination of knives.

For maximum impact, create a freestanding display by combining a display case with our high quality pedestal base. It offers secure, lockable storage and a handy shelf for catalogs or other literature. The display case and pedestal are available individually or as a set."


SKU From/To MSRP Note
CT01 2001-2006 $79.95 (2001) Display Tower Clear, trapezoidal acrylic with "SPYDERCO" vertical text engraved on sides and blue bug logo on the rear. Locking door. Measures 12 3/4" wide, 10 3/4" deep and 14 1/4" tall.
CT01 2007-end 2009 $35.95 (2007), $59.95 (2009) Display Case. Holds six knives. Freestanding countertop display is bottom hinged with lever lock top closure that opens from the back (includes 2 keys). Displays 6 knives. High impact acrylic. Red band with gray Spyderco logo and bug imprint. Footprint: 6 X 10-5/8” (152 X 270mm), Height: 16-7/8” (429mm), Weight: 30oz (850g)
CT02 2001- $26.50 (2001), $12.95 (2003), $24.95 (2007), $44.95 (2015), $48.00 (2022) Small size. Box of 24 pieces
CT03 2001- $28.50 (2001), $14.95 (2003), $26.95 (2007), $54.95 (2015), $58.00 (2022) Large size. Box of 24 pieces
POP 2002-2003 $110.00 (2002), $99.95 (2003) Counter Top Point of Purchase Display. 14" high, 12" wide stainless steel [bug] with non-skid feet. Includes non-sharpened knife attached to a theft-proof chain. Includes information card for the knife being displayed.
D01 2015-end 2022 $450.00 (2015) Acrylic Display Case Top. Display Case 13.5" diameter x 23.29" high (34.29 cm diameter x 60.02 cm high)
D02 2015-end 2022 $500.00 (2015) Acrylic Display Case Bottom. Pedestal Base 24x24x39.5" (60.96x60.96x100.33 cm)
D03 2015-end 2022 $950.00 (2015) Acrylic Display Case Set. Display Case/Pedestal Set (Combined height 53"/134.62 cm)

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