BY200 byrd Duckfoot Diamond Sharpener

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The BY200 byrd Duckfoot Diamond Sharpener is a versatile and portable sharpening stone, suitable for sharpening knives and many other edged tools.

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BY200 byrd Duckfoot Diamond Sharpener

Byrd Knife engineers began referring to their new sharpening device as the Duckfoot in their initial design phase simply for lack of a better name. It stuck and it fits.

The Duckfoot sharpening device is shaped like a duck's foot with varying shapes for sharpening different edges. All told it offers around 15 square inches of diamond coated sharpening surface for sharpening any tool. It starts as a steel form and uses nickel plating to bond 600 mesh mono-crystaline diamonds to the steel. The diamond particles do not require pressing hard when sharpening (in fact if you press too hard you can dislodge the particles). Gentle pressure does it. The angles and sides include: a 1" X 5" flat diamond stone, 3 grooves including a wide radius channel for de-burring and a narrow radius channel for honing pointed objects.

By holding it vertically on a tabletop it tilts from one side to the other raising one edge off the tabletop and creating a 20° angle (40° total angle) for sharpening knife blades. The sides are elliptically shaped. There is a surface with large radius for sharpening PlainEdges and a small radius for SpyderEdges (serrations). Lay it horizontally and it creates a 12.5° angle designed for sharpening scissors. It comes packaged in a suede leather carry case that doubles as a non-skid counter top pad while sharpening. A detailed instructional DVD is also included.[1]


SKU From/To MSRP Note
BY200 2008 - 2011 $54.95 (2011)

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The BY200 byrd Duckfoot Diamond Sharpener.