308 CBN Webfoot Sharpener

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The 308 CBN Webfoot Sharpener is a versatile and portable sharpening stone, suitable for sharpening knives and many other edged tools.

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308 CBN Webfoot Sharpener

The Webfoot is a uniquely different approach to sharpening that can be used anywhere, set up in seconds, and doesn’t require oil, water, electricity, or any complicated clamps or fixtures. It is made of a single piece of carbon steel and coated in Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN)—a state-of-the-art superabrasive that is second in hardness only to diamond. Resting the wide end of the Webfoot on a flat surface and rocking it from side to side aligns its outer edges at the perfect 40-degree included angle for utility knife edges. Simply keep the plane of your blade vertical and draw it from heel to tip. The included ABS plastic base reduces that angle to 30 degrees for keener edges and thinner, high-performance knives. Laid on its side, it offers the perfect 12.5-degree angle for sharpening scissors and shears. With over 15 square inches of abrasive-coated surfaces of varying shapes and angles, the Webfoot can be used to quickly and easily sharpen a wide variety of edged and pointed tools, including those with serrated edges. It comes complete with detailed instructions and a high-quality suede pouch that also serves as a handy non-slip work surface.

The Webfoot is sold separately or as a kit with the Golden Stone™ fine ceramic sharpener.[1]


SKU From/To MSRP Note
308CBN 2022 - $85.00 (2022)

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The 308 CBN Webfoot Sharpener.