306UF Benchstone Ultra Fine

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The 306UF Benchstone Ultra Fine is a medium-sized portable sharpening stone suitable for freehand sharpening knives and many other edged tools.

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306UF Benchstone Ultra Fine

This ultra-fine, ultra-thin ceramic benchstone is used like a traditional sharpening stone, but does not require oil or water. Its extra-wide surface is ideal for sharpening woodworking tools and large knives and can be easily cleaned with household cleanser, a scouring pad, and water. It comes in a leather sleeve case that also serves as a non-skid pad while sharpening.

Made in USA.[1]


SKU From/To MSRP Note
306UF 2008 - $133.00 (2021) size: 3" X 8"

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Any 306UF Benchstone Ultra Fine in good condition with all of its parts and accessories and original packaging, would be considered a collectible.

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  1. The 305M1 Pocket Stone Medium in Spyderco's online catalog


The 306UF Benchstone Ultra Fine.