301VF Very Fine Grit Benchstone

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The 301VF Very Fine Grit Benchstone is a compact sharpening stone suitable for adding or maintaining a fine polished edge on knives and many other edged tools.

Appearance in catalogs

The 301VF Very Fine Grit Benchstone appeared in the following catalogs:

  • 1986 Spyderco Product Guide
  • 1990 Spyderco Product Guide


Sal Glesser

History, mentionings from the forums etc.

  • Rough idea on age of a Spyderco Whetstone, this discussion mentions "...It was the most expensive stone Spyderco offered at that time. It was used to sharpen medical and dental tools...". Posted by forum member Hattori Hanzo.

Information from the Spyderco catalog

Ceramic Stone Shapes

Very Fine Grit Bench Stone - 2"x 4" x 1/2". White stone ground flat to 0.0005. Custom Redwood Box. [1]


The 301VF Very Fine Grit Benchstone featured a:

  • rosewood box for transport and storage.
SKU From/To MSRP Note
301VF 1986 - 1990 $24.95 (1986) The size of the sharpening stone is 2" x 4"x 1/2"

Most collectible variation

Any 301VF Very Fine Grit Benchstone in good condition with all of its parts and accessories and original packaging, would be considered a collectible.

Questions regarding collecting the 301VF

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  1. From the 1986 Spyderco Product Guide.


The 301VF Very Fine Grit Benchstone as shown in the 1990 Spyderco Product Guide.