202MF Tri-Angle Sharpmaker

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The 202MF Tri-Angle Sharpmaker is a sharpening kit suitable for maintaining knives and many other edged tools.

Appearance in catalogs


Sal Glesser

History, mentionings from the forums etc.

Some information from Sal Glesser posted on the BladeForums:

The 201 was narrow, no flairs at the bottom, 40 degrees angle only, 2 brass safety guards. We realized early on that it was too narrow and added flanges on the front half for greater support which was the 202.[1]

The blue base 202 was only sold in Hawaii. It was an marketing experiment. Sold with blue stones. I believe we made about 500 of them.[2]

Information from the Spyderco catalog

Model #202

The 'Tri-Angle' Ceramic Sharpener is a unique combination of an abrasive called HIGH ALUMINA CERAMIC and a base holder which positions these abrasives at the proper angles to simplify sharpening of knives and shears.

The Alumina Ceramic is very hard (next to diamond on the hardness scale) and will not wear out. It can be used to file any type of metal. We hope you enjoy your 'Tri-Angle' and it brings you many years of excellent service. [3]


The 202MF Tri-Angle Sharpmaker featured a:

  • base
  • 40 degree angle only
  • 2 brass safety guards
  • printed instruction booklet
  • sleeve-type case to hold the complete 202MF kit

SKU From/To MSRP Note
202MF 1978 - ...

Most collectible variation

Any 202MF Tri-Angle Sharpmaker in good condition with all of its parts and accessories and original packaging, would be considered a collectible.

Questions regarding collecting the 202MF

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  3. From the 202M instructions, as seen in a photo in the Spyderco.com discussion thread: Sharpmaker model #202 update question.


The 202MF Tri-Angle Sharpmaker, as posted by Spyderco forum member SkySaw in the discussion thread Sharpmaker model #202 update question from July 6 2018, retrieved on June 30 2021.