106M Medium Grit Rod

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The 106M Medium Grit Rod is a sharpening stone that is intended as a stand-alone sharpening tool, it was no an accessory to any sharpening system from Spyderco.

Appearance in catalogs

The 106M Medium Grit Rod appeared in the following catalog:

  • 1986 Spyderco Product Guide


History, mentionings from the forums etc.

Information from the Spyderco catalog

5/16" x 9" Medium Grit Rod, ends cut 90°. Not for Crockstick.[1]


SKU From/To MSRP Note
106M-1 1986 - ? $5.95 (1986) The size of the sharpening rod is 5/16" x 9"

Most collectible variation

Any 106M Medium Grit Rod in good condition in the original packaging, would be considered a collectible.

Questions regarding collecting the 106M

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  1. From the 1986 Spyderco Product Guide.


The 106M Medium Grit Rod as shown in the 1986 Spyderco Product Guide.