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The C68 Gunting by Bram Frank was introduced in 2000 and discontinued in 2005.

Appearance in catalogs

The C68 Gunting appeared in the following catalogs (older, newer):

  • 2001 Spyderco Products
  • 2002 Spyderco Products
  • 2003 Spyderco Products
  • 2004 Spyderco Products


Bram Frank

Bram Frank Makers mark

History, mentionings from the forums etc.

  • Information from the CSSDSC website can be found here

Bram Frank is a martial artist and Martial Blade Craft instructor. I met him at James Keating's "Riddle of steel back in 2000. Bram was demonstrating a model he called the "Escalator" which was to be made by Rekat (Bob Taylor). Bob Taylor is another martial artist and Martial blade craft instructor that also owned a knife company called Rekat. Bob Taylor created the "Warrior" model.

I was taken with the concept and was working with Bob so Spyderco could make the Escalator for Rekat as an OEM. Spyderco had more equipment that Rekat. The knife was to have the "Rolling Lock" which invented by Bob Taylor and Spyderco at the time was negotiating with Bob to purchase rights to the Rolling Lock for use by Spyderco.

Bob Taylor and Bram Frank had a falling out while we were in the middle of developing the project with Bram and Bob backed out of the Rolling lock negotiation. We were already well into the Bram Frank design, which he called the "Gunting" and felt we had to honor our commitment to Bram. We needed to create a new lock that was strong enough for our Marital Blade Craft rating. That's when I invented the Compression lock (on demand) to meet our need. We produced a live knife, a trainer and a trainer with a blue handle to meet Bram's needs.

Then Spyderco and Bram Frank had a falling out and we stopped making the model. Hope that helps.[1]

  • In this post on the Spyderco.com forum, from 28 July 2023, Sal Glesser shares some information on the design history of the Compression Lock related to the Gunting design history:

FYI, Spyderco was scheduled to make a knife for Bob Taylor's REKAT company designed by Bram Frank, called the "Escalator". We were going to use Bob's "Rolling Lock' which he invented, A very nice lock invention. After we began engineering the model, Bob Taylor and Bram Frank had a falling out and Bob cancelled the project. We had already begun the project and Bob said didn't want us to use his "Rolling Lock" which we were purchasing from him and had already planned to use on some of our own models. Since Bob stopped the Rolling lock purchase, we suddenly found ourselves making a Bram Frank Model, but with no lock that we felt would fork for the MBC design at the time. Headache.

It took me about 2 weeks, but I was able to "invent" a new lock, the Compression lock, on demand, to use on the model, which was name changed to the "Gunting". Some time after production, Bram and Spyderco had a falling out and the Gunting project was disco'd. Bob Taylor and I are still friends. Funny how history has so many twists and turns?[2]

Information from the Spyderco catalog on the web


"Martial Arts Hall of Famer, and Grand Master-Bram Frank designed the Gunting for specialized MBC applications. The knife is designed to be a ready cutting tool but also as a non-cutting (non-lethal and less-than-lethal) impact tool. Bram travels the world teaching Gunting use through his company, Common Sense Self Defense.

As an impact tool, the Gunting's protrusions on the handle and blade are for pressure point control (think Yawara stick) that also can be utilized as a striking devise. Impact is focused on sensitive areas (pressure points such as fingers/hands, inside of arm, face and neck), which when struck and pinched can stop and debilitate an adversary without needing great physical strength. The hollow-ground CPM-S30V blade has a prominent horn (also for pressure point control) that lets the blade be opened kinetically*. The blade also opens via the Spyderco Round Hole. G-10 handle scales house a Compression Lock locking system. Rated at MBC strength levels the Compression Lock is designed to hold immense pressure per inch of blade, the highest rating Spyderco has on its lock strength scale. The spoon-shaped clip has a divot with another divot is mirrored on the opposite side of the handle so the folder can be indexed (rotated) to varying grip positions. Coveted by LEOs and government agencies across the globe, the Gunting is a highly specialized, functional tool created to complement and accompany CSSD's conceptual patterned training.

*(practice this maneuver with the trainer only)"[3]

See also: C68GTR [4]


The C68 Gunting is made in Golden, U.S.A. and has a

SKU Handle Edge(s) Steel From/To MSRP Note Number made Grind Clip Clip positions Collectors club
C68G Black G-10 PE PS SE CPM-440V 2000-2002 169.90$ (2000) SE: 2000-2001; PS: 2002 N/A Hollow Gunting clip RH, TD
C68G Black G-10 PE PS CPM-S30V 2003-2004 169.95$ (2004) PE: 2003; PS: 2004 N/A; S30V/PE: ~189x Hollow Gunting clip RH, TD
C68GTR Red G-10 N/A GIN-1/G-2 2000-2004 169.95$ (2004) Trainer N/A N/A Gunting clip RH, TD
C68G CRMIPT Blue G-10 N/A GIN-1/G-2 ? ? without sharpened edge, CRMIPT: Close Range Medium Impact Tool rare Hollow Gunting clip RH, TD

Most collectible variation

Questions regarding collecting the C68

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Technical information

Measurements (mm and grams) of the C68 Gunting:

Variation Length overall Length closed Length blade Length edge Hole Ø Blade thickness Weight
C68G 203mm 131mm 74mm 70mm 11mm 3mm 168g
C68GTR 205mm 131mm 77mm N/A 11mm 3mm 164g

Measurements (inches and ounces) of the C68 Gunting:

Variation Length overall Length closed Length blade Length edge Hole Ø Blade thickness Weight
C68G 8" 5 7/16" 2 7/8" 2 3/4" 7/16" 1/8" 5.9oz
C68GTR 8 1/16" 5 7/16" 3 1/16" N/A 7/16" 1/8" 5.8oz


  1. The original thread containing Mr. Glesser's comment can be found here.
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  3. The C68G Gunting in Spyderco's online catalog
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C68GP Bram Frank Gunting
C68GP Bram Frank Gunting