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Spyderco makes a variety of pins. They carry a bug logo pin in their store, as well as producing a new pin modeled after one of their knives every year. These "knife" pins are not sold, but are given away. Most, if not all, are manufactured by Empire Pewter Manufacturing Co.

Appearance in catalogs

The pins do not appear in the catalog.

Information from the Spyderco catalog on the web

"This silver and black enameled pin makes a great tie tack or lapel pin and allows you to show your Spyderco pride in style.'"

The round Bug Lapel Pin in Spyderco's online catalog.

The knife-shaped pins are made of pewter by Empire Pewter Manufacturing Co.


Empire Pewter SKU Pin design Color From/To MSRP Note
Bug Lapel Pin Silver/black $3.95 (2016) Silver bug on a black enamel circle
Bug Lapel Pin Gold Only given out to employees that have worked there 1 year. 14K Gold bug
G. Sakai Firefly Yellow Based on the GS115Y Firefly, made by G. Sakai but not a Spyderco model (though sold through Spyderco as the Hotaru).
SPY-B Endura Black Based on the C10S, hollow ground SE with black handle (Gen. 1 I believe).
SPY-R Endura Red Based on the C10S, hollow ground SE with red handle (Gen. 1 I believe).
SPY-CH Lum Chinese Green Based on the C65P with Almite aluminum handle.
CLIP Snap-It Red/black Based on the C26, red with black Krayton insert version.
PRIDE Pride Silver grey Based on the C72 with US flag.
SPY-03 ATR Silver grey Based on the C70TI, titanium version.
CR1 Cricket Black Based on the C29BK.
SPY-C Civilian Silver grey/black Based on the C12S, aluminum with Krayton insert.
ST SpydeRench Silver grey Based on the T01
Police Silver grey Based on the C07, 1st Gen.
Centofante Black/gold Based on the C25GP, 2nd Gen.
Dodo Blue Based on the C80GBL.
Bi-Fold Silver grey Based on the C108.
Dyad Black Based on the C44, micarta version.
Poliwog Silver grey Based on the C98, stainless steel version.
Native Black Based on the C41BK, 3rd gen handle with SE.
Pacific Salt Black Based on the C91SBK, SE version.
Pacific Salt Yellow 2006 Based on the C91SYL, SE version.
Byrd Dinosaur Multicolor 2007 Not a knife, but a multicolor, feathered dinosaur (Velociraptor?). Enamel pin, not pewter. For the Byrd line of knives.
Phoenix Silver grey/White 2008 Based on the C114.
Caspian Salt Black 2009 Based on the FB21, pointed tip.
Manix 2 Black 2010 Based on the C101GP2, hollow ground PE.
Balance Black 2011 Based on the C141CF, carbon fiber.
Junior Black 2012 Based on the C150G.
Southard Brown 2013 Based on the C156GBN.
ClipiTool Scissors Silver Grey 2014 Based on the C169.
Slysz Bowie Folder Silver grey 2015 Based on the C186TIP.
SzaboHawk Black 2016 Based on the H01.
EuroEdge Black 2017 Based on the C215 EuroEdge.

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