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Böhler-Uddeholm’s K294 MICROCLEAN tool steel is manufactured in Sweden. Using their third-generation powder metallurgy technology, K294 is essentially an expression of A11 tool steel enhanced by the benefits of the powder metallurgy process. Also comprable to Crucible Industries' CPM 10V®, it is most often used in demanding cold-work tooling applications requiring extreme wear resistance and compressive strength. As a blade material, its wear resistance translates into outstanding edge retention, especially when used to cut abrasive materials.

Carbon Chromium Cobalt Copper Manganese Molybdenium Nickel Niobium Nitrogen Phosphorus Silicon Sulfur Tungsten Vanadium
2.45 5.20 / / 0.50 1.30 / / / / 0.90 / / 9.50