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In short, footnotes are a tool to make references. They are used to identify the source of cited text (either on the web or from literature) or to explain certain words when needed but also to add comments by the author that would otherwise hinder the reader from reading the text fluently. Please take a look at the article explaining citation for more information about how to cite.

Creating a footnote

Generally you can create a footnote by placing a <ref> </ref>-Tags next to what you want to reference.

If you write:

Elephant<ref>An Elephant is a big, grey animal with a trunk.</ref>

It will result in this: Elephant[1]

The footnotes will automatically be numbered, so you don't have to care about this at all.

Creating multiple footnotes with the same number

If you cite a source two times or more, you would have to create multiple footnotes containing the same information. To prevent this, you can create multiple footnotes with the same number - you only have to name them. First create a regular footnote and give it a name by writing:

<ref name="multiple footnote">This source is quoted more than once.</ref>

When you use it again, you don't have to enter the whole footnote again. Simply write:

<ref name="multiple footnote"/>

Doing both will result in footnotes[2] that all have the same number[2], no matter how often you use them[2].

Displaying all footnotes

Of course you want to include the Text of your footnotes in the article. This can easily be achieved by adding this tag:


This will result in a list with all footnotes that were created throughout the whole article. Just like this:

  1. An Elephant is a big, grey animal with a trunk.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 This source is quoted more than once.

Like shown above, it can be placed anywhere in the article but to get a structure that makes sense it is strongly recommended to put it in it's own sub-section titled == References == near the end of an article.

Formatting footnotes

The Text in footnotes can be formatted like any other text and links can of course also be added.

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