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Appearance in catalogs


Unknown at this time, probably Eric Glesser

History, mentionings from the forums etc.

First made available in 2004, the Spyderfly had something of a hard start into this life. As we will learn later, that was just the beginning of the problems. Only a few were made at the time in Spyderco's factory in Golden, Colorado. These were beeing assembled from imported parts, something which later became a problem. The first batches had VG-10 blades, something which later was changed to 440C (Probably in early 2005) due to the price of VG-10. Original post by Sal as to the change can be found here

Several posts on the forums were made as to the possibility to get one and problems filling the orders. See e.g This thread on Spyderco forums.

The Spyderfly continued to trickle out into the market and it became a rather popular Balisong. Primarily due to the rather unusual handles and blade and the reported good "swing" or "dance", which it is called to do tricks with the knife, by the Balisong enthusiasts.

Then in early 2007 problems where encountered, and Spyderco inc. was issued a fine of us $ 75.000. All details about this ruling of the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol can be found here

The initial thread on Spyderco forums can be found here Spyderco had to issue a recal on all Balisongs, the return form can be found here This in addition to what had already been seized by customs and the fine. Spyderco now only sell Balisongs to dealers who fill out and return a specific form, which actually instructs the buyer to only sell these knives to people in such an occupation that they are allowed to buy this kind of knife. Primarily Police and Military personel (Government). Form can be viewed here As a direct result of the ruling the Balisongs made by spyderco (and later Automatic knives) are now beeing made in the USA in Spyderco's Golden plant only.

Interesting notes on USA- made in this context. Spyderco's investigation into what constitutes USA- made thread on Spyderco forum

Information from the Spyderco catalog on the web

Not available anymore, as this is considered a restricted item, and therefore only appears in the SAS -Catalog.


Variations of the B01 Spyderfly

SKU Handle Edge Steel From/To MSRP Note Number made Grind Clip Clip positions Collectors club
B01P Cast stainless steel PE VG-10 2004- 109,95$? (2005) First run had VG-10 blades. This is the rarer of the Spyderfly knives. wire clip Left/right Main
B01P Cast stainless steel PE 440C 2005- 109,95$ (2006) Second run wire clip Left/rigth Restricted
B01PRB Cast stainless steel PE 440C 121,95$ (2006) Rainbow anodized handle wire clip Left/right Variant

Most collectible variation

The earlier VG-10 bladed Spyderfly is believed to be the most collectible due to the relatively few made.

Questions regarding collecting the B01 Spyderfly

Technical information

Typical measurements (mm and grams) of the B01 Spyderfly:

SKU Length overall Length closed Hole Ø Blade length Cutting edge Blade thickness Weight
B01 248mm. 152mm. N/A 105mm. 94mm. N/A 167 grams.

Typical measurements (Inches and ounces) of the B01 Spyderfly:

SKU Length overall Length closed Hole Ø Blade length Cutting edge Blade thickness Weight
B01 9 3/4" 6" N/A 4 1/8" 3 11/16" N/A 6.562 Oz.