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Al Mar was a knife designer who passed away in 1992. Having started out as a knifedesigner at Gerber, he left there in 1979 to start making knives on his own[1]. He made the Al Mar line of knives which is still beeing produced today, although by people with no connection to Al.[2]

He is amongst other things known as the Mar in the Mar/McBurnette frontlock. He was also known for quite a hot temper and is reported to have physically chased another knife industry person around, at the 1992 Blade show, after a dispute. Al Mar is credited for having helped Sal In the beginning of Spyderco.

This quote is an Al Mar quote and this author believes it sums up nicely a lot of the things he stood for:

“Combat Knife is actually 10% weapon and 90% tool.”


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