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The SK SharpKeeper was introduced in 2023. The SharpKeepers are bladeguards designed to fit kitchen knives.

Appearance in catalogs

The SK Sharpkeepers appeared in the following catalogs:


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Information from the Spyderco catalog on the web

Keep yourself and your prized kitchen knives well protected with Spyderco's SharpKeeper™ blade guards. Molded from tough thermoplastic and lined with a soft cloth liner, Sharpkeepers encase the knife's blade securely without scratching it or dulling the edge. Ideal for storing knives safely in a drawer or transporting them to parties and picnics, SharpKeepers also feature a decorative pattern of drying holes to vent moisture.

SharpKeeper blade guards come in six different sizes to fit all common knives:'

SK01: Up to 2.5-inch (64mm) blades

SK02: Up to 3.5-inch (89mm) blades

SK03: Up to 4.5-inch (114mm) blades

SK04: Up to 7.0-inch (178mm) blades

SK05: Up to 8.0-inch (203mm) blades

SK06: Up to 10.25-inch (260mm) blades [1]


SKU From/To MSRP Note Number made Collectors club
SK01 2023- $9.00 Fits blades up to 2.5-inch (64mm) Regular production Main
SK02 2023- $9.50 Fits blades up to 3.5-inch (89mm) Regular production Main
SK03 2023- $10.00 Fits blades up to 4.5-inch (114mm) Regular production Main
SK04 2023- $10.50 Fits blades up to 7.0-inch (178mm) Regular production Main
SK05 2023- $11.00 Fits blades up to 8.0-inch (203mm) Regular production Main
SK06 2023- $11.50 Fits blades up to 10.25-inch (260mm) Regular production Main

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The SK05 SharpKeeper, front and back.


  1. The SK01 SharpKeeper in Spyderco's online catalog