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As with all things to do with collecting, what fits one, might not necessarily fit all. The most collectible variation for one might not be the most collectible for another.

However, we try to find one model which is possible to separate from the rest, in cases where there is only one variation of the SKU. In cases where there's several variations of a knife, those which is believed to be the most collectible is noted as most collectible.

As with all things Spyderco, this is at the very best a qualified guess, though. As has happened before, suddenly a new variation shows up which has not been known before, and as such, the most collectible variation must be considered the authors best guess, and with the more general collectors in mind.

In general the knives that end up the most collectible are usually Plain edge knives and often of a variety which was produced in low numbers for one reason or another. One good example would be the C53 Peter Herbst in Titanium which due to production problems ended up beeing made in relatively low numbers. (Although a few were sold as Factory seconds with the notch)

As with all things, it's entirely up to the collector to decide what shall be the focus are of his or hers collection. Some of the Spydiewiki- crew is or has been collecting along these lines:

So, take your pick and happy knifecollecting and hunting for that elusive model which would be a great addition to YOUR collection!