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The C87 Scorpius was designed to be an "urban tactical utility knife", designed for carry in the city.

Appearance in catalogs

The C87 Scorpius appeared in the following catalogs:


Eric Glesser

History, mentionings from the forums etc.

Discussion on the placement of the lanyard hole here and here.

Another discussion on lanyard hole placement, but this time with pictures!

It appears that a dealer ordered a bunch of the Scorpius with the Spyderco bug and web engraved directly from Spyderco. Discussion about it here.

Spydercollector.nl review with pictures.[1]

Information from the Spyderco catalog on the web

The Scorpius was designed under the premise: form follows function- not looks, which offers explanation for its distinctive appearance. Spyderco's Eric Glesser blueprinted it as an urban tactical utility knife. For city carry he felt it had to be ergonomically refined and sized so it wouldn't generate adverse reaction or legal issues when taken out and used in public. He also felt the knife should be uncommonly comfortable in the hand and effectively cut anything put to it.

This one fits like a glove and cuts like a demon. The wavy contours covering the handle, position the index and middle fingers in such a way they eliminate forward or backward slipping. Narrowing to a tail, the end of the handle makes an effective tool for impact purposes or as a non-lethal control devise. Pre-tapped screw-holes let you attach the knife's custom-designed clip, positioning tip-up or tip-down in the pocket. The blade is a hybrid combination of an upswept and clip-point profile. Its three inches long, hollow-ground and made of VG-10 steel. Ground from the top of the blade is a false-edge swedge that removes unnecessary weight from the folder and gives it a streamlined appearance. Drilled to 14mm in diameter the Spyderco Round Hole is suitably sized for opening with large or gloved hands.

The C87 Spyderco Scorpius in the Spyderco Online Catalog.


The C87 Scorpius is made in Seki-City, Japan and features:

  • Back Lock
  • Blade Swedge
  • Lanyard hole (Lanyard hole was originally placed at the top of the butt of the knife, giving it a dolphin-like appearance. The lanyard hole appears to have moved down to the bottom, tail-end section of the handle in early 2005.
SKU Handle Edge(s) Steel From/To MSRP Note Number made Grind Clip Clip positions Collectors club
C87P Stainless Steel PE VG-10 Fall 2003-2007 $99.95 ? Hollow Chrome J- clip RH, TD/TU Variant
C87S Stainless Steel SE VG-10 Fall 2003-2007 $99.95 ? Hollow Chrome J- clip RH, TD/TU Main

Most collectible variation

The older version with the lanyard hold towards the top of the rear.

Questions regarding collecting the C87

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Technical information

Measurements (mm and grams) of the C87 Scorpius:

Variation Length overall Length closed Length blade Length edge Hole Ø Blade thickness Weight
C87 185mm 111mm 76mm 64mm 14mm 2.5mm 122g

Measurements (inches and ounces) of the C87 Scorpius:

Variation Length overall Length closed Length blade Length edge Hole Ø Blade thickness Weight
C87 7.313" 4.375" 3" 2.5" .551" .093" 4.3oz