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LC 200 N is produced by Zapp Steel and is a derivative of Cronidur 30:

Carbon Chromium Cobalt Copper Manganese Molybdenium Nickel Nitrogen Phosphorus Silicon Sulfur Tungsten Vanadium
0.30 15.00 / / 1.00 0.95 0.50 0.50 / / / / /

LC 200 N is a high nitrogen alloyed tool steel which exhibits superior corrosion resistance combined with high toughness even at hardness up to 60 HRc. Combining PESR-Process (Pressurized Electric Slag Remelting) with a smart forging technology, an amazing increase in cleanliness and structure, which means a very fine and homogenious microstructure, can be achieved. Primary advantage is excellent machinability and polishability as well as a high dimensional stability after heat treatment. For this reason LC 200 N is the high end solution for tools facing high static and dynamical load under a high corrosive environment at higher temperatures.