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This model is named after New York City Police Officer John D'Allara. On September 11, 2001 Officer D'Allara entered Tower 2 of the World Trade Center to help the victims of the terrorist attack, he never made it out. Officer D'Allara was a life long collector and user of Spyderco Knives. In honor of Officer D'Allara's ultimate sacrifice Spyderco named their new rescue knife the D'Allara Rescue.

Spyderco would like to express gratitude to those who made the World Trade Center Knife a reality:

  • Police Lt. John McArdle, (NYPD)
  • Police Officer Jerome Kazlauskas, (NYPD)
  • Police Officer Jerome Maier, (NYPD)
  • Police Officer Juan Gonzalez, (NYPD)
  • Jeff Silman, NY, NY
  • Police Officer John D'Allara and Family New York
  • Judd Evans, Evergreen, CO
  • Joe Rodgers, Rodgers Wire EDM Service, Arvada, CO
  • Darrell Lewis, Bodycote Metallurgical Coatings, Greensboro, NC
  • The Spyderco Crew, Golden, CO

Appearance in catalogs

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Sal Glesser [1]

History, mentionings from the forums etc.

World Trade Center Knife additional stock opportunity (2014)

Sal's info about D'Allara Rescue handle change from Spyderco Forums, 4 Feb 2015:

The first mold was made as the World Trade Center project. Then we changed the mold to prevent any more than the planned amnount for the project and created the mold that you have. Then we changed the mold a 2nd time to create the version with the oval. Then we changed the mold to make the handle thinner. Now we're making a run with the pattern modified (narower) and we'll use G-10 to make a slab version to test the changes, then we'll change the mold again to create the next version. [2]

Information from the Spyderco catalog on the web

World Trade Center Knife

"The tragic events of September 11, 2001 had a profound impact on the character of the United States. In addition to forever changing our way of life, they inspired one of our most unique knives ever produced: The Spyderco World Trade Center Knife.

Created in memory of NYPD Officer and Spyderco enthusiast John D’Allara, who was among the lives lost that day, the Spyderco World Trade Center Knife was developed to pay tribute to the victims and raise funds to benefit the loved ones they left behind.

The World Trade Center Knife was a purpose-designed rescue knife featuring a fully serrated CPM® S30V® sheepfoot blade and Spyderco’s patented Ball Bearing Lock™. Its handle was injection molded from fiberglass-reinforced nylon and included an inlaid, hand-finished silhouette of the New York City skyline. Painstakingly machined from steel salvaged from Tower 1 of the World Trade Center, these inlays ensured that every World Trade Center Knife is an enduring tribute to the lives lost on September 11th. All World Trade Center Knives were manufactured in Spyderco’s Golden, Colorado factory, individually serialized, and came in a custom presentation box with a letter of authenticity from Spyderco’s founder."

additional information for the WTC (2014) release

"The goal of the World Trade Center Knife project was to produce one knife to honor the memory of every life lost on that tragic day. All profits received for the sale of those knives was donated to the New York Police and Fire Widows and Children Benefit Fund. In the unlikely event that any of the World Trade Center knives had manufacturing flaws, Spyderco produced a limited number of extra knives to accommodate warranty or repair issues. These additional knives have remained in our archives until now.

To commemorate the thirteenth anniversary of September 11th, Spyderco is making all remaining World Trade Center Knives available for purchase. All sales of these knives will be made at the price of $400 per knife and the majority of the proceeds will be donated to 9/11 Memorial charities. Fewer than 100 of these knives remain in Spyderco’s archives and will be offered only while supplies last. Each knife is numbered and will include a letter of authenticity addressed to the purchaser using the bill to address.

Please join us in honoring the memories of those lost on September 11, 2001 and keeping them in our hearts forever.

Never forget."

The WTC D'Allara in Spyderco's online catalog

C82BK D'Allara Rescue

"One of New York's finest was an NYPD officer named John D'Allara. Officer D'Allara was a long-time Spyderco collector who owned and used nearly every model they've made. Sadly he was one of the many police officers who never came out of the World Trade Center on September 11th 2001. When Spyderco approached the release date of their new rescue knife, they thought it fitting to name it in his honor. The D'Allara Rescue brings to market a full-sized rescue knife designed with the requirements of LEOs and EMTs in mind."

"Like most rescue/emergency knives its rounded sheepfoot blade has no pointed tip. Evenly thick from heel to tip, the blade is hollow-ground VG-10 and comes fully serrated with a SpyderEdge. Its handle is three-dimensional and Bi-Directionally Textured on both sides. This makes for comfortable ergonomics and reduces fatigue while cutting long-term. Tucked inside the handle are rigid dual steel liners and a Ball Bearing Lock. The Ball Bearing Lock has a heavy-duty level strength rating. This means that the lock holds more weight per inch of blade than normal use knives. Comforting peace-of-mind when your knife could make the difference at an accident scene or on duty. Both the lock and the tension wire clip are ambidextrous. Pocket clip carries tip-up."

The C82 D'Allara Rescue in Spyderco's online catalog

C82BK2 D'Allara Drop Point

"New York City Police Officer John D'Allara entered but never exited World Trade Center Building One on September 11, 2001. Officer D'Allara was a life-long Spyderco collector who owned nearly every model we've made. In his commemoration and remembrance Spyderco offers the C82BK2 D'Allara Drop Point Folder. It presents the knife market a high-performance folder option with a premium VG-10 stainless steel blade and a hard-use rated lock system called the Ball Bearing LockTM. Its contoured handle is molded from impact-resistant fiberglass reinforced nylon (FRN) and patterned with grip-sticking Bi-Directional TexturingTM. Engineered to ergonomically fill the hand, the handle's curves and valleys generate less fatigue and discomfort when grasped tightly or when cutting for extended time. The drop-point blade is made with cobalt enhanced VG-10 stainless steel packing 3-1/2 inches (89mm) of cutting power. Pulling back on the ball bearing releases the locking mechanism. Fully open the folder is 8" (203mm) long and weighs 5.75oz (164g). Available with a PlainEdge or CombinationEdge blade. MSRP: $89.95."

"Please note, the "bronze" color that you see on the clip is intentional. The clips are actually heat treated (they are stronger and will perform better because of this). The heat treated wire clip is also more discreet in your pocket."

The C82 D'Allara Drop Point in Spyderco's online catalog

C82G3 D'Allara 3

"John D’Allara was a New York City police officer, knife enthusiast, and avid Spyderco collector who gave his life to save those of others during the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. To honor his memory, in 2003 we created a special rescue knife design that incorporated an inlay of the New York City skyline crafted from steel girders recovered from the wreckage of Tower 1. In the years since, we produced several different utilitarian versions of the D’Allara model. The all-new D’Allara 3 revitalizes this iconic design, maintaining its original spirit and key features while updating the design with improved materials.

The heart of the D’Allara 3 is its full-flat-ground blade, which is crafted from Crucible® CPM® S30V® particle metallurgy stainless steel to offer an exceptional balance of edge retention and corrosion resistance. In the D’Allara 3, this premium material is shaped into a utilitarian drop-point profile with a PlainEdge™ cutting edge and a fully accessible Trademark Round Hole™ for swift, positive, one-handed opening with either hand.

The knife’s slim, pocket friendly handle is built with skeletonized full stainless steel liners, a stout stainless steel back spacer, and high-traction textured G-10 scales. This construction ensures excellent structural strength and provides a solid foundation for Spyderco’s patented Ball Bearing Lock™ mechanism. The D’Allara 3’s distinctive expression of this lock features a ceramic ball bearing that offers extreme strength, smooth, ambidextrous operation, and undeniable visual appeal. A reversible deep-pocket wire clip allows the knife to be easily and conveniently carried tip-up in the pocket, keeping it instantly accessible when needed. Like the other features of this impressive knife, it supports left or right-handed use with equal ease."

The C82 D'Allara 3 in Spyderco's online catalog


The C82 D'Allara is made in Seki City, Japan. and has a

SKU Handle Edge(s) Steel From/To MSRP Note Number made Grind Clip Clip positions Collectors club
C82 W.T.C. Black FRN SE CPM-S30V 2004-2005, 2014 225.00$(2004), $400.00 (2014) 2819 were made (one for every life lost that day), with the handles of non-sold ones (about 400-600) from the original run getting destroyed. Approximately 100 extras were produced and held back to cover warranty or repair issues, with the remainder of these offered for sale Sept 11, 2014. All knives are numbered (1-2819) and come in a custom crafted wood box 2200-2400[3], +100 Hollow silver/bronze Wire RH, TU
C82SBK Black FRN SE VG-10 2004-2006 79.95$(2004) Sheepfoot Blade rescue-style blade. Collector's Club members began to receive these Nov 2003 (#018 has a date of 10/31/03 on the box) N/A Hollow silver/bronze Wire RH, TU Main

Variations of the D'Allara 2

SKU Handle Edge(s) Steel From/To MSRP Note Number made Grind Clip Clip positions Collectors club
C82PBK2 Black FRN PE VG-10 2006-2007 89.95$(2006), $109.95 (2007) Drop Point Blade N/A Hollow silver/bronze Wire RH, TU Variant
C82PSBK2 Black FRN CE VG-10 2006-2007 89.95$(2006), $109.95 (2007) Drop Point Blade N/A Hollow silver/bronze Wire RH, TU Variant

Variations of the D'Allara 3

SKU Handle Edge(s) Steel From/To MSRP Note Number made Grind Clip Clip positions Collectors club
C82GP3 Black G-10 PE CPM-S30V Mar. 2017-Oct. 2018 $319.95 (2017) Drop Point Blade Regular production Full Flat silver Wire LH/RH, TU Main

Most collectible variation

Questions regarding collecting the C82

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Technical information

Measurements (mm and grams) of the C82 D'Allara:

Variation Length overall Length closed Length blade Length edge Hole Ø Blade thickness Weight
C82SBK 203mm 125mm 89mm 81mm 14mm 3mm 164g
C82BK2 203mm 127mm 89mm 79mm 14mm 3mm 145g
C82GP3 206mm 119mm 86mm 84mm 14mm 3mm 128g

Measurements (inches and ounces) of the C82 D'Allara:

Variation Length overall Length closed Length blade Length edge Hole Ø Blade thickness Weight
C82SBK 8" 4.938" 3.5" 3.188" 0.551" 0.125" 5.75oz
C82BK2 8" 5" 3.5" 3.125" 0.551" 0.125" 5.1oz
C82GP3 8.10" 4.70" 3.40" 3.30" 0.551" 0.118" 4.5oz


  1. Sal Glesser's original comment can be found on Spyderco-Forums [1]
  2. Thread containing original comment can be found here
  3. Quantity of WTC knives produced and sold


The WTC Knife, the limited edition version of what would become the D'Allara Rescue knife.
A close-up of the inlay of the WTC knife, a piece of steel from the World Trade Center.