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The C236 McBee is one of Spyderco's custom collaborations, and falls into Spyderco’s “Little Big Knives” category; meaning it has a smaller blade and handle, paired with a hard-duty locking mechanism, exotic blade steel and vault-like construction found primarily on hard-use, larger knives.

Appearance in catalogs

The C236 McBee appeared in the following catalogs:


Jonathan McNees

History, mentionings from the forums etc.

Information from the Spyderco catalog on the web

C236 McBee

"Veteran U.S. Marine and an avid outdoorsman Jonathan McNees has a lifetime of experience using knives in the field. When he combined that hard-won insight with his skills as a custom knifemaker, one of the results was his “Killer B” folding knife—an amazingly compact everyday-carry cutting tool and the inspiration for the Spyderco McBee.

Proof positive that function is a matter of design, not size, the McBee features a saber-ground Wharncliffe blade crafted from CTS® XHP stainless steel. Its uniquely scalloped spine creates a profile that offers both scalpel-like precision and impressive cutting power. Despite its diminutive size, it is also capable of true one-hand-opening capability via its Trademark Round Hole™.

The stonewash-finished blade is paired with a handle featuring precision machined solid titanium scales. The obverse (near-side) scale has a series of skeletonizing holes, while the reverse-side scale forms the foundation of the knife’s sturdy Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L.) mechanism. Both scales have a handsome matte finish and are accented by McNees’ signature stippling on the lock recess and the pivot pin screw heads. A polished stainless steel hourglass clip provides right-side, tip-up carry and is backed by a lined lanyard hole for the easy attachment of lanyards and fobs." [1]


The C236 McBee is made in Taichung, Taiwan and has

SKU Handle Edge(s) Steel From/To MSRP Note Number made Grind Clip Clip positions Collectors club
C236TI Titanium PE Satin CTS-XHP 2018- $200 (2019) Regular production Hollow saber grind small hourglass RH, TU Main

Most collectible variation

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Technical information

Measurements (mm and grams) of the C236 McBee:

Variation Length overall Length closed Length blade Length edge Hole Ø Blade thickness Weight
C236TI 98mm 59mm 39mm 38mm 11.1mm 3.0mm 48g

Measurements (inches and ounces) of the C236 McBee:

Variation Length overall Length closed Length blade Length edge Hole Ø Blade thickness Weight
C236TI 3.85" 2.33" 1.52" 1.49" 0.44" 0.118" 1.7oz


  1. The C236 McBee in Spyderco's online catalog


The C236 McBee, opened and closed.