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The C197 WolfSpyder is a design exclusively for Ray Mears' Woodlore School of Wilderness Bushcraft.

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Ray Mears

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C197 WolfSpyder:

"The WolfSpyder Knife is an exclusive collaboration between Ray Mears and the prestigious Colorado-based knife makers Spyderco. It is the first ever folding knife to be designed by Ray Mears, and is available exclusively through Woodlore.

"I designed the WolfSpyder Knife to be the perfect pocket companion to the more heavy-duty tools of the bush." - Ray Mears

The WolfSpyder has been designed to distil the power and versatility of a classic fixed-blade bushcraft knife into a pocket-sized folding knife; compact and light enough to be kept on your person, yet strong and comfortable enough to tackle the woods. Its traditional flat-bevel blade means that it will perform well at woodworking and other fundamental bushcraft tasks, while its carnassial nature makes it ideal for butchering and the field dressing of game.

The heart of the WolfSpyder lies in its premium 76 mm blade made from CPM-S30V stainless steel. Produced by the powder metallurgy process, this advanced alloy offers a superior balance of edge retention, corrosion resistance, toughness, and ease of maintenance — all highly prized qualities in a survival tool. The blade comes equipped with Spyderco's trademark Round Hole for one-handed opening.

Linking this robust blade to its handle is Spyderco's high-strength Compression Lock mechanism. Located on the spine of the handle to prevent unintentional release, this patented mechanism locks the blade securely open when in use and allows it to be safely and easily closed with only one hand.

The WolfSpyder's handle consists of two durable G-10 scales joined by stainless steel spacers, creating a lightweight, easy-to-clean, open-backed structure. The handle's highly refined ergonomic contours provide a firm grip while helping to minimise fatigue during prolonged use, and incorporate an integral hand guard as an additional measure of safety. A sleek pocket clip allows for convenient right-side, tip-up carry and keeps this folding tool instantly accessible.

"As one of the world’s pre-eminent authorities on wilderness survival, Spyderco was honoured to have the opportunity to work with Ray on the production of a knife specifically designed for his discipline." – Spyderco

Spyderco is an American manufacturer renowned for its unrivalled craftsmanship and superior quality. Spyderco's designs have pioneered many features that are now common in folding knives, including the pocket clip, serrations, and the opening hole. The WolfSpyder Knife will be proudly made at Spyderco's Golden, Colorado factory."

The C197 WolfSpyder is not sold in Spyderco's online catalog, but can be found on Ray Mears' website (edit: added to the Spyderco Online Store in Feb. 2018).

C197 WolfSpyder: (Spyderco online catalog description)

"The WolfSpyder is a truly unique collaboration between world-renowned bushcraft authority Ray Mears and Spyderco. This extraordinary tool distills the high-performance and multi-functional versatility of a classic fixed-blade bushcraft knife into a compact folding knife ideal for everyday carry.

The heart of the WolfSpyder is its premium CPM® S30V® stainless steel blade, which features Mears’ preferred “Flat-Bevel” (aka Scandinavian or “Scandi”) grind. This unique “zero-ground” construction provides a breathtakingly sharp edge and the strength necessary for the rigors of bushcraft tasks. A Trademark Round Hole™ proudly announces the knife’s Spyderco lineage and allows easy one-handed opening.

To lock the blade open when in use, the WolfSpyder features a high-strength Compression Lock™ mechanism that is nested within the handle’s textured G-10 scales. The handle’s ergonomic design minimizes fatigue during prolonged use and incorporates an integral hand guard to further ensure a non-slip grip. A stainless steel pocket clip offers convenient right-side, tip-up carry and ensures that this incredibly compact folding bushcraft tool is always instantly accessible."

The C197 WolfSpyder in Spyderco's online catalog.


The C197 is made in Golden, CO and has:

SKU Handle Edge(s) Steel From/To MSRP Note Number made Grind Clip Clip positions Collectors club
C197GP Dark green G-10 PE CPM-S30V Apr. 2016- 139.95£ (2016), $189.95 (2018) Designed by Ray Mears laser engraved on reverse, along with his maker mark. Regular production Scandi Chrome hourglass RH, TU ?

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Technical information

Measurements (mm and grams) of the C197 WolfSpyder:

Variation Length overall Length closed Length blade Length edge Hole Ø Blade thickness Weight
C197G 172mm 106mm 76mm 70mm 9.4mm 3.2mm 77g

Measurements (inches and ounces) of the C197 WolfSpyder:

Variation Length overall Length closed Length blade Length edge Hole Ø Blade thickness Weight
C197G 6.77" 4.168" 2.98" 2.74" 0.37" 0.125" 2.7oz