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In 2019, Spyderco made a significant change to their marketing and approach to announcing new products. In addition to the annual product catalog, Spyderco creates several "Reveals" throughout the year to announce new products. The products featured in these reveals are expected to reach consumers within 4 months. Spyderco has a long list of products that are continuously in the works, and they won't be released until they "get them right". Sometimes, this would cause some new products to take a longer time to be released than others. With the reveals, new products are announced much closer to their actual release date.

Information from Spyderco's website

Reveals are periodic supplements to Spyderco's main Product Guide that officially announce our new products. They are designed to be kept with your annual catalog to serve as a comprehensive printed reference of Spyderco's ever-evolving product line.

Because Reveals can be timed to closely correspond to in-stock availability, they are a more accurate and efficient way of unveiling new products. They will also work in concert with new-product information on this page, our social media platforms, product videos, and the Spyderco byte™ e-newsletter.

Spyderco always has a long list of new products in the works and we are committed to making every one of them as perfect as it can possibly be. Although different products invariably take different lengths of time to develop, if you ask us how long till they're ready, the answer will always be the same: When they're right.

Trust us. As we "get them right," you'll still be the first to know...[1]

2019 Reveals

In 2019, Spyderco released the following Reveals:

2019 Reveal Volume 1

The first Reveal of 2019, was published on January 11, 2019[2], and it featured the following new products:

2019 Reveal Volume 2

Spyderco's second Reveal in 2019, appeared on May 2, 2019[3], and it featured the following new products:

2019 Reveal Volume 3

The third and final 2019 Reveal was published on September 16, 2019[4], and it featured the following new products:


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