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In 2007 Spyderco created the Mule Team for steel junkies. It's a series of small fixed blade only (no handle material, no sheath, both for do-it-yourself).

History, mentionings etc. from the forums

From the Spyderco-Forum:

If you are a Collector, the Mule Team is included as a new model and the first offering (MT01 in 52100) will be sent to the Dealer that you normally purchase your Collector knives through. Your Dealer will receive a letter explaining the program, its purpose and how we envision it moving forward. We have asked our Dealers to honor the spirit of the program and if they are unable to, we've asked that they return the knife to us so you will be able to purchase your numbered knife through SFO.

If you are a Collector who receives all variants, you will be given the option to sign up for all or none of the future Mule Team variants when you receive the first model (MT01). If you choose to sign up for all variations of the Mule Team, all future models of the Mule Team will be handled directly through SFO. This is to not place a burden on our Dealers and maintain our vision of this program.

If you are not a Collector and would like to purchase a Mule Team knife, you will be able to do so through our site. As originally stated, there will only be a Net Price. This will guarantee that you are able to acquire the models in this program at the most affordable price. We will offer these through our normal distribution chain of Distributors and Dealers in lots of 2 each at the same price. Pricing will vary from one variation to another and will primarily be dependent on the steel used.

If you are not a Collector who chooses to receive all variants of the Mule Team, purchases will be one model at a time with no commitment to future models. You purchase only those that interest you. Sales are on a first come first served basis. Once the quantity made is sold out, that variation will be gone. We will initially set a maximum allowed of 2 pieces per person/address, but we do reserve the right to change this limit at any time. If you are a collector these 2 pieces are in addition to your collector numbered piece.[1]

Appearance in catalogs



Unknown at this time, probably Sal Glesser

Information from the Spyderco catalog on the web

"What is a Mule?

In the English language the term mule has multiple definitions: There’s the obvious equine reference being the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. It can be a coin minted from two dies by mistake and the auto industry refers to their test vehicles as a mules. Spyderco also calls knife models designed and built for testing and evaluation Mules. When a group of these are brought together they make a team of mules, thus the name of our new knife release: The Mule Team.

Knife and steel-devotees love trying out new blade steels. Spyderco leads the industry in offering, testing and manufacturing knives using new and exotic blade steels. Taking that idea a step up, why not offer a series (team) of blades using different, exotic and freshly unveiled steels? In doing this steel-obsessed knife knuts can try, test and use something normally not offered to the industry.

What is the Spyderco Mule Team?

Spyderco’s Mule Team officially launches with a single-piece fixed blade pattern. The blade is leaf-shaped with a sharpened and finished PlainEdge blade but with an unfinished handle providing some a do-it-yourself opportunity. The unfinished handle has a series of holes for attaching a custom handle or for wrapping in cord. All Mule Team Pieces are sold without handle scales or a carry sheath focusing the project on the blade steel and opening the door for the owner to create his/her own handle scale and carry options.

How many and how often will they be released?

Our plan is to release several variations per year using the same fixed blade pattern produced with different exotic steels. Each steel offering is limited to approximately 600 pieces and engraved indicating the steel used. Variations are priced accordingly with the only cost variable being the steel itself. Prices will be announced prior to the release of the upcoming model.

How can I buy them?

All purchases are handled through Spyderco Factory Outlet (SFO)."[2]


All are made in Golden, Colorado/US.

SKU Edge Steel Rc hardness Production MSRP in $ Number made
MT01P PE 52100 62 Nov. 2007 39,95 600

Technical information

Typically measurements (mm and grams) of the Mule Team:

SKU Length overall Hole Ø Blade length Cutting edge Blade thickness Weight
MT01P 194 8,5 84 84 3 76

Typically measurements (inches and ounces) of the Mule Team:

SKU Length overall Hole Ø Blade length Cutting edge Blade thickness Weight
MT01P 7 5/8 21/64 3 5/16 3 5/16 1/8 2.7


  1. The entire thread containing the whole comment can be found here.
  2. The MT01P Mule Team in Spyderco's online catalog