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The C254 RockJumper is a new design specifically for outdoor enthusiasts and climbers.

Appearance in catalogs

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Sal Glesser

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Information from the Spyderco catalog on the web

C254 RockJumper:

"Designed to fit the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and climbers, the RockJumper is a lightweight, mid-sized, folding knife that’s born to perform. Its broad VG-10 stainless steel blade has a full-flat grind for optimal edge geometry and a full-length, perfectly straight cutting edge.

Designed for unfailing reliability under pressure, its Wharncliffe profile offers everything from extreme cutting power to scalpel-like precision. The knife’s hand-filling handle is constructed with skeletonized stainless steel liners, fiberglass-reinforced-nylon (FRN) scales, and a stout back lock mechanism with a strong self-close function.

Its Bi-Directional Texture™ pattern ensures a secure, non-slip grip, while a four-position hourglass clip and oversized lanyard hole offer a full range of carry positions. Together with the knife’s other symmetrical features, they make every aspect of the RockJumper’s carry and operation completely ambidextrous."[1]


The C254 RockJumper is made in Spyerco's factory in Golden, Colorado, USA, Earth and has

SKU Handle Edge(s) Steel From/To MSRP Note Number made Grind Clip Clip positions Collectors club
C245BK Textured black G-10 PE, SE VG-10 2020 - 235.00$ (2020) Regular production Flat grind chrome 4-way LH/RH, TD/TU Main

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Technical information

Measurements (mm and grams) of the Back Lock:

Variation Length overall Length closed Length blade Length edge Hole Ø Blade thickness Weight
CBK2 190mm 112mm 78mm 72mm 14mm 3.0mm 88g

Measurements (inches and ounces) of the Back Lock:

Variation Length overall Length closed Length blade Length edge Hole Ø Blade thickness Weight
C254BK 7.49" 4.42" 3.08" 2.83" 0.55" 0.118" 3.1oz


  1. The C254 RockJumper in Spyderco's online catalog


The C254 RockJumper, open and closed.