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== Variations ==
== Variations ==
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!Handle material
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SpyderKeys and Hummingbirds are the same model. The early ones were all serrated and the later ones partially serrated with a key ring. All had SS bolsters (except SS model), clip-point, locking blades and are made in Japan, boxed in velvet "jewelry" type boxes. Most of the knives are embellished with various materials. In addition three are produced as tie clips.

Appearance in catalogs

One-time appearance in the 1993 catalog.


Unknown at this time.


SKU Handle material MSRP
3002 SS Tie Clip 39,95
3002A Abalone 64,95
3002ATC Abalone Tie Clip 48,95
3002B Black Lip Pearl Oyster 64,95
3002C Corian (white/gray) 51,95
3002P Mother of Pearl 64,95
3002Q Quince 44,95
3002RB Red Bone 50,95
3002S Stag 59,95
3002SS SS 37,95
3002STC Stag Tie Clip 51,95
3002W Cocobolo 48,95

Technical Information